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Sheer determination and a drive to succeed can often take you down roads that you never imagined you could explore.
I had always believed in this, but Amna’s story was the reinforcement I needed. Her positivity on life and her determination to accomplish what she set out to do, inspite of the hurdles in her way, was inspirational.
Amna did her bachelors and got married early, according to the wishes of her mother. She was a happy girl, her laugh readily available and her bubbly personality evident in the sparkle of her eyes.
She harboured a passion for teaching and with the support of her husband started her career as a teacher after her marriage. She had a son and a daughter in the years that followed, who were the life and light of her eyes.
Amna had always longed to do her Masters and after the birth of her daughter she realized that she could, now, fulfill this wish of hers. Although she lived in a joint family, and studying would take up a major chunk of her time, she set out to search for a field that would enable her to study without neglecting her home and children.
A chance encounter with a relative gave her the idea of doing her Masters in library management sciences. The studies were tough but the classes matched her schedule and she was highly interested in the field she had chosen.
For the next two years, Amna studied hard. Life was difficult since home life could not be disturbed and she was also determined to do her best in her studies. It was in this chapter of her life that they moved houses too and an incident occurred which required every ounce of her will power and strength.
During the move, Amna had to do everything single-handedly since her husband was very busy at work. Her children helped out as best as they could, but because of their ages, they couldn’t do much. During the flurry of the move, Amna slipped and fell heavily, fracturing her right hand in the process.
Amna was devastated and upset, her hand hurt badly and she had an exam in two days. The doctor told her firmly that he would have to put a cast on her right arm and hand. Amna was in despair, she could see two years worth of hard work and dedication come crashing down in front of her eyes.
She pleaded with her doctor to give her two days, she said that the minute she would be done with her exam, she would come in for the cast. The doctor was incredulous at her resilience and her determination to give that exam. Relenting reluctantly, he did a loose bandage and sent her off.
After a heartfelt prayer on the day of her exam, Amna set off. She was in a lot of pain and tears shone in her eyes throughout the time she was in the examination hall. But Allah gave her strength and she finished her paper in the given time period.
Exhilarated with her success, she went to her doctor and had the cast fixed as she had promised. The cast stayed on for weeks but Amna, who had mastered the art of determination, led a normal life by sheer will power and effort.
Amna did her Masters with flying colors and then, following her passion for studying, enrolled in an Mphil program from Minhaj University. Since the classes were on the weekends, she felt she would be able to cope up easily.
Amna wanted to achieve further heights. She had a budding dream of running her own business, of being a successful entrepreneur. During some honest soul searching, she discovered that she had a passion for cooking. Cooking was therapeutic for her, it gave her a deep inner satisfaction and warmth.
With the support of her kids and husband, she decided to set up her own food business from home, which she named chulha handi.
Amna found a lot of support from various women entrepreneurship groups on Facebook. She designed her own logo and brochure, and later found a wonderful woman who helped her tremendously with the marketing of her venture.
Her business flourished because she put her heart into it, and she loves the work she does. She uses the best of ingredients and her food is loved by everyone who has tasted it. She has loyal customers because of her dedication, her politeness and her accommodating personality.
Being both a dedicated homemaker and a successful entrepreneur, Amna is indeed a woman who can inspire. Her outlook on life and her achievements are to be admired.

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