Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy at CareeHer

We, at CareeHer, take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting it in every way possible. This Privacy Policy applies to both our Website and our other paid services including but not limited to mentoring sessions, workshops, online courses , and consultancy. This Privacy Policy also applies to the way we collect data, process it and use it for various legitimate purposes. It also outlines your choices about access, use and correction of any personal information you share with us. If, in any case, you don’t agree with any of our data practices outlined here in our Privacy Policy, you shouldn’t use our website or services.

Our Privacy Policy is updated periodically and we post all the changes here on this Privacy Policy page. If any significant changes are made to the Privacy Policy, you’ll be notified about them through an email notification.

Information Collection

When You Browse Our Websites

You can freely browse through our websites without sharing any of your Personal Information. When browsing our website or registering for one of our services, we might request you to provide some of your personal information. Besides, we also collect your browsing data and navigational information.

Personal Information

It comprises any voluntarily submitted information that could be used for personally identifying you. This includes your contact information like name, address, company name, phone number, email address and any other similar information regarding your business or yourself. Your Personal Information also includes anything about transactions, both paid and free, entered into our websites, and any information available on the internet, from sources like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, or any information available publicly and accessible to us through service providers.

Your Personal Information can also include any Payment Information or Navigational Information which may be used for identifying you directly or indirectly. Navigational Information includes anything related to your computer and website visits like IP address, browser type, geographical location, referral source, pages viewed and time you spend on our website. Payment Information refers to anything we collect from you and process when you sign up for our Subscription Service. This includes your credit card information and billing address that we collect through third-party PCI-compliant service providers. Other than this, we don’t collect any of your Sensitive Information.

Information We Acquire from Third Party Sources

Sometimes, we may also acquire some of your Personal Information from different third party sources such as partners that help us engage in the joint marketing activities or provide co-branded services, and some public sources like popular social media platforms.

Use of Information

Compliance with This Privacy Policy

We use any of your collected information in compliance with the Privacy Policy outlined on this page. It is obligatory for customers who sign up for our services to comply with our Privacy Policy.

We Don’t Sell Your Personal Information.

We will make sure that we never sell any of your personal information, for any reason whatsoever, to third parties.

Using Your Personal Information

Besides any uses of your personal information outlined elsewhere within this Privacy Policy, we reserve the right to use it to:

  • Improve the browsing experience of our users through website personalization and also to improve our service;
  • Send information or content that we believe to be of your interest through email, post, or any other means and send marketing communications about our business;
  • Promote our services and share informational or promotional content with you in line with your communication preferences;
  • Provide stats about our website usage to other companies but none of this will include any information that may directly or indirectly identify you;
  • Send information about any changes made to our TOS, Privacy Policy, or any other legal agreements.

Using Your Navigational Information

Your Navigational Information may be used for operating and improving our Websites as well as our Subscription Services. Your Navigational Information may also be used alone or with your Personal Information to ensure that you are presented personalized information regarding CareeHer.

Customer Testimonials & Comments

Any comments and testimonials from our customers are posted to our Website and this may include Personal Information. However, before we publish any customer’s testimonial and name to our website, we seek their consent through email.

Keeping Your Information Secure

We rely on multiple security procedures and technologies to make sure any Personal Information we have collected about you is secured against unauthorized access, disclosure or use in any way possible. We keep your Personal Information secure on our servers in a controlled environment. All your collected information is protected with the help of necessary technical, organizational and physical measures.

Social Features

You may find different Social Features on our website like Facebook Share or Like button or any interactive programs which run on our website. Such Social Features might require information like your computer’s IP address, the page you’re visiting on the website, and may even set cookies for their proper functioning. These Social Features and any similar Widgets are hosted either on our website or by some third party service provider. Our Privacy Policy described here doesn’t apply to any of these Social Features. Instead, all your social interactions and use of such features are governed by the Privacy Policies of companies offering those features in the first place. The use of information accessed in the process will also be subject to their Privacy Policy and not ours.

Public Forums

We also provide blogs, community forums, and message boards that are publicly accessible. Remember that if any of your personal or private information is shared by you directly through our blogs, forums, or public message boards, it may be saved and used by others. We don’t take any responsibility of the use of such information.

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