5 Key Elements You Should Hit with Your Elevator Pitch.

Discover examples and inspirations to draft your perfect elevator pitch.

If you interact with a person for the first time, never pitch in your sales line at once. This makes you look eager and prospective customers may think that you might spam. “ Elevator pitches only sound effective when you are talking to a chance-met friend or an acquaintance and the talk leads to where you work or what you do. That is the time to deliver an electric line or two which should interest the listener into asking more questions.”

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short and sweet description of what products you sell or which company you work in and what you do for them. The end result should be to capture the attention of your audience so they want to know more about your work.

Creating a successful elevator pitch of your own

To write an effective elevator pitch, it is necessary to do some self-evaluation. First of all, you must consider the following things:

  1. · Your introduction
  2. · The details about your organization
  3. · The value you add to the industry
  4. · How to get the attention of your audience
  5. · Proofread your elevator pitch.

Your introduction

First of all, before starting any conversation you have to introduce yourself to the person you are conversing with. Start off with a warm handshake and a brief explanation of your name, and the position you employ at your company. This will take the conversation in the right direction.

The details about your organization

You must have solid information about your company, the products it specializes in and the long term goals that it has. Then you must add a brief line or two in your pitch where you explain about your company or your products.

The value you add to the industry

Prospective customers are always interested in what unique services or products you offer that gives you an edge over the other people in your industry. Explain in one or two sentences about the value you provide in terms of service or products with which you facilitate your customers.

How to get the attention of your audience

Do you have a fascinating story to share about the history of your company? Or maybe some exciting circumstances that led you to introduce a new product? People are always interested in hearing these stories and it is a great way to get their attention.

Proofread your pitch

It is very important for you to come off completely at ease with whatever you will say. If you sound uptight or fake, that could scare off potential customers. So always go through your pitch and make sure that it is completely realistic.

This brings you to the next part in question. How will you know if your elevator pitch is up to the mark? Here are some perfect examples for you to draw inspiration on how to create your own elevator pitches.

The length of all the following elevator pitches is 35 seconds or less.

1. Ask a question that intrigues the listener.

Have you ever been at a loss of what to write for your blog that will invite the maximum number of viewers? Have you ever wondered how people earn money through their personal blogs? Hearing this baffling question from so many people around me inspired me to start CareeHer, a platform where I teach people how to monetize their blogs or earn a comfortable living through creative writing.

This elevator pitch is sure to work because it is in simple language, it gives you a solution about something you have always wanted to know and captures your attention with how to earn money through your blog.

2. Be realistic

There are hundreds of freelance writers who create content each day. But not all of that content is accepted by clients or even considered to be worth publishing. That is why I created CareeHer, a series of mentoring sessions where I train newbies on how to write content that is actually worth some money and which will get them some good clients.

This elevator pitch makes you relate to a situation you may have faced when one of your articles got rejected. Even better, it makes you realize where to go if you need some help in simple terms.

3. Sound authentic

As a freelance writer who has been in this field for many years, I have seen a lot of people with a sound command over the English language and an ability to write very well. However, they lack the simplistic skills on how to sell their content or how to land a good client. That is why I created CareeHer, an online platform where I give classes to people who want to make a living off their writing.

In these sentences, you explain your experience and authority to the person listening, which is sure to leave a mark.

4. Be precise

I started as a freelance writer myself. Over the years I realized content writing gave me comfortable money. Whenever I edited the articles that my juniors sent in, I got really upset because I felt that people had so much potential that was not being fully utilized. Eventually, I realized that my talents lay elsewhere. I moved on to training and mentoring prospective writers at CareeHer, where I make sure people enhance their writing skills.

This elevator pitch is sure to work because it is to the point, and it explains where you got the inspiration to start your service.

5. Use the surprise element

Have you ever wondered how to write creative content that sparks your passion and sells really well too? If you signed up at CareeHer, you would find out the answer for sure. We teach you how to turn the passion for your pen into a full-blown career for yourself.

The surprise element in this pitch makes it come off as an attractive solution to what is a common problem. Following your passion may not earn you money and writing for money may kill your creativity. This is a problem that many writers hunt the solution.

6. Narrate an example of a customer

Sarah Hossain was one of the members of a creative team at a local magazine. It used to take hours for her to write content that was up to the mark. It was not that she could not write, she just needed some guidance in the right direction. After a few sessions at CareeHer, her skill has enhanced and her confidence is back on track.

An example of an existing client can give great credibility to your story. This is why this elevator pitch is sure to grab you some positive attention.

The Elevator pitch is not for everyone!

Always keep in mind that these elevator pitches should only be delivered in casual conversations when people ask you for an introduction about yourself. If you start spouting it off to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, you are not earning any credibility. But when you engage in conversation which leads to your work, you should always have a creative response.

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