10 Engagement Hacks for the Facebook Algorithm in 2020!

facebook algorithm

Facebook sorts out content shown to its users, based on certain rules. These rules or ” Facebook algorithms ” are a set of calculations used by Facebook to decide the content we all see. It is quite a complex matter which can either increase the value of your content or even push it into the dark completely.

Being a digital marketer, you would like to increase your reach and views on your content, and boost your results. In order to achieve this, you should know how the Facebook Algorithm works.      

Here are the latest updates related to the Facebook algorithm and 10 great hacks to attract more viewers!

Hack #1: The Frequency of Your Posts

What should be the daily frequency of your posts? One, two, or three posts a day?

The first post matters the most. Every following post is likely to get 60 fewer clicks than the previous one. Hence, in reality, the lesser you post, the more you get!

It is ideal to post once or twice daily, keeping in mind that the second one is posted at least 6 to 9 hours after the first one.

Pro Tip: Use Facebook Stories

When you have a lot to share, add stories! Keep the best content for your feed and add all other things to your story. This will help people get to know you, trust you, and like you! As per a recent survey, 62% of people using Facebook are more likely to engage in a business or product that pops up in a Story.      

Hack #2: Provide Value in Your Posts

Think about ways your posts can help people. Post different but valuable content to help keep your followers engaged! If your posts provide value, users will continue to follow you!

Pro Tip: Avoid being hung up on your Brand

 It is very important to have a Brand, but more important to have valuable content! Always look for what your followers respond to and then start working on your Brand. 

Hack #3: Create Genuine Conversations and Ask Questions

Facebook is a platform that was created to bring the world closer together and the algorithm fulfills its purpose. Facebook wants its users to create conversations that are authentic. Asking questions on your post also gets a lot of attention from the viewers.

Pro Tip: Try beginning your questions with:

  • Who
  • Would
  • Should
  • Which

Also, remember that questions starting with “Why” or “How” can either be a blessing or a curse. This is because such questions need a longer answer, thus very few people would like to answer them. However, Facebook likes longer comments as it sees your post as more valuable. Giving your audience options to choose from or giving out a ‘string’ to cling to for answers will give them a direction to speak.

Hack #4: Never Use Links in the Description

You should not use links in the description of your posts, ever! Facebook does not like its users to leave the platform. Therefore, when the Facebook algorithm even “smells” a hint of any link, it stops showing it to the users. Once you focus on the rules, you know how you can achieve your goals!

Pro Tip: Put up your link in the comment section of your posts.

You can respond to each comment with your link. But before that, ideally, create conversations and add value before you finally “reveal” the link to curiosity.

Hack #5: Create evergreen content

It might take a long time, sometimes between 48 to 72 hours, for Facebook to show your posts to your friends. The simplest way to handle this is by creating content that is relevant even after days or weeks it was posted.  

Pro Tip: Create conversations in the comments

It is important to keep the post running in order to show it to more people around. For this, you need to reply to some comments one day, and later to the others. This will help make your post look relevant for a longer time.

Always remember if your content is getting enough engagement, it might affect your page. Therefore, if your posts do not get a good response after 72 hours, just delete it!

Hack #6: Length of Your Videos

Most people often ask how long your videos should be. The length of your videos really matter, but depending on your content. Facebook supports videos that are almost 10 minutes long, however, if you don’t have much to say you can keep it short, or even record longer if there’s a lot to say!

Pro-tip: Be “unfiltered”

Sometimes it is perfectly okay to go natural “unfiltered” and without a lot of editing.  This helps to connect with our audience to the next level but again, you need to see when you can use this and when your brand calls for perfect editing.

Hack #7: Posting your Video Vertically

Nowadays, most experts record their videos in vertical mode. This way it feels native to Social Media Apps like Facebook and Instagram. Yet sometimes, landscape mode might also work better so it is then totally up to you!

Pro tip: Suggest viewer to tap for the sound

A neat way to work around the silent auto-played Facebook videos is to suggest viewers tap for sound with a pop-up. Pop-ups can sometimes be annoying so it has to be designed and timed appropriately to create a non-disruptive effect

Hack #8: Avoid Fishing

It is not recommended to use phrases such as the share this video, comment below or tag your friends. Not only should you refrain from writing them but also saying them in your Live videos since the algorithm is “listening” to every word you say. And such phrases will decrease the number of people it shows your videos to!

What is the solution to this? Use different phrases like sharing the love or smash the heart button!

Why does the algorithm do this? Only because it wants to promote real content for professional conversation starters like us!

Pro Tip: Try using Graphics and Emojis

You can substitute words with certain emojis like using a sun emoji in place of an “o” when you want to write “comment below”. This way you are good to go but overdoing it might make your content too spammy!  

Hack #9: Training the Algorithm

Engaging with your friends a few minutes before posting your content might prove to be beneficial. Go to your Facebook Messenger and see who is online and say “Hello” to them! This helps in warming up the Facebook algorithm.

Next, post your content and start replying to the comments under it. The more active you will be; the more views you are likely to get!

Pro: Tip: Go and comment and like on other people’s posts

Before you go posting on social media or doing Facebook lives… go and comment and like on other people’s posts

Facebook rewards those who engage – not just expect others to engage with them

Hack #10: What is the Best Time to Post?

A lot of people suggest posting your content when more people are online. Yet posting outside of business hours gives great results!

Pro-tip: Try posting between 9 pm and 11 pm instead of the usual 11 am, 3 pm, and 7 pm.

Facebook algorithm is consistently looking for valuable social connections among its users. This is why primarily it is here and hence does not promote “tactics” of artificial engagements. The best way to get your message across this social platform is to genuinely indulge in conversation with your potential audience to make sure, they see everything you post.

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