A Stay-At-Home Mum Earns Real Money With Freelancing.

The urge to do something in life took her till the last session

Sumra is a housewife with 3 beautiful girls. She had done her intermediate but was unable to define a workspace or get a paying job due to the family commitments.

Sumra’s main challenges were family obligations. Her youngest kept her busy even during sessions at moments. Often at times, she was distracted to the point that she had to listen to the recorded sessions to keep pace with other group members.

She persevered through recordings and a hefty work routine at home just so she could complete the course.

During the 5 week course in Professional Content Development, she was encouraged to apply for writing projects. She has now started a successful career on Fiverr and freelancer.com

After earning a zero income Sumra is happily earning $$$ whilst not leaving aside any family obligations. Like many other women, Sumra had doubts about whether the career is as promising as it looks.

She didn’t believe she would do it when she enrolled. But the urge to do something in life took her till the last session. She is now working from home while keeping her family obligations. She is not only financially independent now, but has also acquired of self-actualization which keeps her content in her mundane life.

Note: The name of the person has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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