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Refiah Mudassir is an Educationist and Women Empowerment Advocate. She shares her experience with CareeHer for successful Facebook Event Marketing.

Refiah Mudassir is an educationist determined to empower women and youth through her platform: Noor-ul-Huda Education Foundation. As enthusiastic as she is in her cause, CareeHer found a companionship of vision and faith with her: Women Empowerment through Leadership. Our journey of working together started on common grounds of empowering women and helping them be strong individuals of the society.

Refiah Mudassir approached CEO, Hafsa Naseemafter she heard her speaking at a session on empowering women owned business through digital marketing. After a casual conversation, the first appointment was scheduled.

The first session was focused on identifying the real problem and solving it to reach our goals. Refiah had an aspiring vision. She worked tirelessly and selflessly towards inculcating leadership values in youth and women. Her Foudation; Noor-ul-Huda Education works on creating events and workshops that aids skill development in women and youth. Refiah encountered major challenges with the Facebook marketing of their events. Events at Noor-ul-Huda were not getting the correct marketing exposure that it wanted in order to draw massive crowds.

Facebook marketing for small businesses is often challenging. With increasing expenses, and a cluttered mind, the entrepreneurs are often unable to make clear strategic decisions.

Noor-ul-Huda Education Foundation needed major help with their social media marketing as the social enterprise grew.

CareeHer offered Refiah support with their one-on-one consultancy sessions. We worked together using Facebook marketing tools to align the Facebook Marketing strategy with that of Noor-ul-Huda’s vision. CareeHer helped devise content marketing plan for the events and offered customized group training for team Noor-ul-Huda.

After working together for two months the team is now geared with organizational equipped with Facebook Marketing tips and content marketing strategies to meet the organizational goals.

Refiah says: ” I found Hafsa Naseem as focused dedicated and detailed oriented in her work. CareeHer services supports women with marketing and create need based content for their initiatives and businesses”

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