Freelance Writing Creating a Future for a Canadian Couple

“I did not know exactly what freelancing was but I had seen an extended cousin made money out of it while she stayed at home and I traveled with my job”, Says Sara, a mother to two toddlers.

Although a family member earned a 6 figure income out of it, but Sara was unable to get much information from that route. Sara was led to CareeHer through a women owned Facebook group, where she enrolled in a Professional Content Development Course online.

Sara and her husband owned a real estate firm in Canada. As a part time, she also offered her clients web development services. Little did she know what a diversified portfolio she was about to add to her services.

CareeHer provided her with a structured 2 month course on Content Development. The course was built in a way to cover content development for websites, blogs, as well as SEO. Initially, it was tough and there were times she felt like giving up. But the promise of getting the work rolling during the sessions kept her going.

After a few sessions she was guided to approach clients for writing services. She soon started writing on her website to get new clients. No later, she found herself working with a newly launched restaurant business for their website content.

Happy and satisfied Sara adds, “The work being offered to us was seasonal and at interim moments, it was a great challenge to keep the services rolling without a break. The new content development services added to my portfolio and I was able to get more business in a constant flow for my company. “

Sara is now able to offer more services to her clients and accommodate them diversified online services which add value to their business.

Note: The name of the person has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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