Recently, quite unexpectedly I was asked from a potential client: Why do you want to work with me? As a content development consultant and trainer, this was not a very frequently asked question from me, instead, it was often asked from the client. This compelled me to ponder over why I proposed my services to him. A Happiness Coach as he was, it is not as surprising coming from him as it could have been from a traditional business owner. But this paved the way to a lot of thinking and reflection for me. Just as important as it is for businesses to craft a buyer persona to direct their content marketing efforts, it is as crucial to deciding which clients from the target pool to pick up.

Why a profitable deal is not always one that PAYS well

The reasons to approach this potential client came huge when reflected upon. His organizations had a work culture that I always believed in, free of hierarchies and infused with immense respect and love for humans. Personal growth and professional learning were priceless! The vision on which the foundations of CareeHer was formed had a striking similarity with the values his organization held. It was at this moment that I realized the passion to be driven is sustained by your values and vision just as the business is sustained with money.

With the values and vision right, learning and growth is an important business growth strategy. This project occurred to me as one of the best investments I could do with my time, to grow myself and my business. As Sheryl Sanberg puts it, “one criterion when picking a job is fast growth’; this became very clear to me on this project. Growing as a trainer, working with a coach in the industry for more than 10 years was riding a rocket seat indeed. Monetary value mattered less. I saw it as a great investment in myself leading to business growth. It would bring greater revenue in terms of skills than cash to the business.

Career is not a ladder but a “Jungle Gym”- Sandberg

A most profitable investment one can make, is to invest in yourself. The higher return on this investment is achieved by experience, skill set, diversity, health, and relationships. Not just the initial years of the business, but along the journey, you will be provided with opportunities to grow, learn and diversify. Accepting a lower position job at one point might take you five years back but will help add five years of experience and skill to your life. Learning is not from the position you are in, but with the state of mind, you choose it. This business growth hack is little embraced by self and acknowledged by those around. When measuring business success and growth, there are more columns to your spreadsheet than just the cash inflows. By prioritizing growth above the job title, you are adding value to yourself. This eventually helps you achieve the set targets and goals that you wish to achieve for yourself and your business.

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